About Us

In the 80’s, when  I was 6 or 7 years old, I remember going to the store with my parents and older brother,  to go shopping for school clothes. My parents were able to locate my brothers clothes very easily, but when it was my turn, we had to go in a different section for “husky” kids and it made me think, why did I have such limited options but my brother didn't? What made me different from him? And that stuck with me for many years. 
My parents bought a lot of clothes for my brother because it was easier to locate them, where finding clothes for a bigger kids, seemed to me much more difficult. As a child, I used to think they just favored him, but really they did the best they could to buy us an equal amount of clothing, but it just wasn’t available.
In 2013, this issue continued to be a problem, but for our youngest daughter. She was 10 years old and when my wife would take her and her sisters to the store, she noticed that her sisters had all of these different clothing options, where she was taken to a smaller section that were for “plus size girls.” Our daughter always wondered why couldn’t she wear the same type of clothing as her sisters and how unfair it was to have to force to be different in such a way.  So, our daughter started sketching outfits for herself and she wanted to start her own clothing line called “Beauty Plus Inspiration.”  Due to the inability to come up with a solid plan for her idea, “Beauty Plus Inspiration” sort of faded to black. 
And today, in 2023, I still have difficulty finding clothes that fits within my style due to my size. So, I wanted to create something that I would be proud of here at Phiphwear. We want to create a casual lounge wear line, but we eventually plan to expand on our look and design in the future. Phipwear will be built around a more substantial body type, built for bigger guys, so that style still exist for us.